Friday, March 01, 2013


We've had a horrendous outbreak of Norovirus at school this week. About 25 of our 90ish kids have gotten it. We've been lucky so far, but apparently Lila is a bit traumatized.

I was cleaning her room tonight and listening in as she played in her dollhouse.

The dialogue:
This guhl pooped all over evvything!! We need clean up all this poop! Blech! Yucky wucksy! We have clean evvything completely good. Poopies on evvything. Blech! We have put evvything away, then I will take these guhls to the doctuh. This guhl pooped all ovuh evvything, too! Blech! Blech!!!"

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Name Game

I've felt that she was probably ready to start trying for a while. I've tried guiding her hand, drawing dotted letters to trace, etc, but she has shown NO interest in writing her name.

In typical Lila style, she waited until she was completely confident, made sure no one was really paying attention, and wrote her name. After doing so once, she refused to try again for a couple days, but has now proven she can also make the "a" at the end. Not bad!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rough Patch

We all have our ups and downs. Yesterday, Lila vomited right after I dropped her off at school.

We came home, where she was quite fine the rest of the day, and reveled in the free-for-all I allowed her with the iPad. Wednesday's lesson: Biology

We headed back to school today, and within an hour, I received another call from her teacher. This time, Lila was running on the playground with her hands in her coat pockets. (Lila LOVES pockets.) She tripped and fell, completely face-planting on the sidewalk. She lost some skin and bruised her ego and several teeth, buried think she'll be ok in a few days.
Thursday's lesson: Physics

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Am I Back??

I know I've been gone a while. I'm technologically impaired, and it drives me crazy to upload pictures from the camera to the computer, then computer to blog. Even worse, almost all of my photos are now taken on my phone, and that makes it even more of a pain! However, Blogger has an app for that now!! I can upload and blog straight from my iPhone or iPad! I have a feeling you might see more of me now!
This pic is from last night. Lila insisted that she put on her "cozies", or jammies, and have a stay-at-home night. After dinner. She asked if I could put her fancy dress-up clothes on her over her jammies. Sure! So she brought me a cardigan sweater, this coat, and her plastic click-clack dress up heels! She got geared up, then declared she was ready for the beach! I'm not sure which beach she's headed to, but she is certainly prepared!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flower Child

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Fashion Show!

I had WAY too much fun dressing Lila up for 4th of July. I actually started two weeks early, and was able to send her to school in a different patriotic outfit every day leading up to the 4th!!! Here are a few of her looks...

For the Grande Finale....Grandmama made this amazing dress AND the matching purse for Lila!! This picture really doesn't do it justice, but I don't have the other pictures handy. Lila was definitely the hottest firecracker at school in this dress!! Grandmama also made her a matching pillowcase for her little pillow. It's not just every little girl that gets a matching DRESS, PURSE, AND PILLOWCASE!!!! Thank you SO very much, Grandmama. You AND your dresses are just amazing. We will definitely get years of use out of them!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Potty Dance!!!

We've been doing lots of the potty dance at our house this weekend!!!

We've been talking about the potty, sitting on the potty, and even letting our rubber ducky practice pottying in the bathtub! But this weekend, I think things finally started clicking for Lila. Lila stayed with Mim and Pop on Friday night. Saturday before Clay picked her up, she told Mim she needed to "pah-pah", or potty! They rushed in, got her onto the potty seat, and Lila actually tinkled!! They did the potty dance, told Pop and Daddy all about it, and even called me at the hairstylist to share the good news! Lila definitely knew she'd done a GREAT job!!

I rushed to Target on my way home from the salon and picked up a new potty seat that goes on the big potty because that's what Mim has. I always said I'd never use a little potty OR a potty ring, but these aren't the first words of parenting wisdom I've eaten! While at Target, I went on and got another pack of panties, a little stool, and a bag of peanut butter Mim&M's (thus named because we always eat them at Mim's house!). Lila was VERY excited about all of her new potty accessories, but didn't have any success on Saturday night. We woke up today, though and went straight to the potty. She made a tinkle in the potty and got a Mim&M treat!!!! Even better, though, is that Lila is allowed to get her own toilet paper and wipe if she makes a tinkle! Funny enough, that's the biggest treat of all!

Lila had TWO more successful potty trips today! She's definitely still wetting her diapers, and we're nowhere near actually switching to panties yet, but I'm SHOCKED that she's doing this much already! I really thought I was being optimistic thinking she might be ready by Labor Day, but at this rate, who knows what she'll be doing by then!

Lila Jane, Mommy and Daddy are SOOO VERY proud of you!!!